I’ve tried to refrain from commenting on other people’s political Facebook posts lately, given the turmoil our country is in and the strong feelings on both sides of the matter.

Over the weekend, the Women’s Marches around the world garnered millions of people standing up to say that we will not tolerate the racist, xenophobic, homophobic, male chauvinist rhetoric the new administration oozes from every pore.  In response, the current administration has tried to diminish the success and turnout of the Marches all over the world, by offering “alternative facts” just like they have offered about the turnout (or lack thereof) at Mr. Trump’s inauguration.  They’ve claimed the press is inflating the success of the Marches.

I sat and thought to myself, “Do they really think we are that stupid?  Do they really think I can’t see all of the personal pictures flowing through my Facebook feed from all over the world?  I can see with my own eyes the huge crowds.  These are not pictures posted by media, but by private citizens participating in the marches.”  Then I realized, yes, yes they do think we are that stupid.  Why?  Because if I were a Republican, the chances of me having anyone on my social media that participated in the Marches is slim, there may be a few but certainly not to the extent of what really occurred.  I probably would not see all the personal images posted from all over the world of women (and men) protesting Mr. Trump and what he represents.  So, if Mr. Trump’s administration told them it’s the press embellishing on the actual turn out for those events – and knowing that the people who support him (not all)  tend to not look at or listen to any other view-point or look to non-biased information sources, I can see them eating it right off the silver spoon he’s using to feed it to them!

Then, as if to further bait me, this picture appears on my Facebook feed, posted by someone I know.


There are so many things about this rant that I wish to address, I’m not sure I can do them all justice, but I will try!

First of all, it’s exactly WHY women (and men) were protesting.  We are protesting an administration that see’s women (and minorities) as tokens, as property, as “less than”.  This mentality is one that is wide-spread around the world and it’s exactly why there are horrific acts that this person is using as the reason we women, in the United States, have no right to protest.  This mentality has been bred over thousands of years, generation after generation.

Whether or not we deserve it or asked for it, the United States has taken on the world-wide role of leading the way in Human Rights.  This means that we should be an example to the world when it comes to the decent, kind and RIGHT way to treat other humans.  So, when the women (and men) in this country peacefully protest against an administration who is anything BUT supportive of human rights, we are leading the way.  We are empowering women around the world to stand up for themselves and that is obvious in the solidarity marches across the world this past weekend.  These ARE the women who live in those countries – the ones this above pictured message speaks of.  These ARE the women of Kenya, of South Africa, of Nigeria.  Look at this map (provided by the NY Times) showing all of the Women’s Marches around the world last weekend.  THESE are the women (and men) opposing what Mr. Trump stands for, the degradation of other human beings.


Do you STILL think that we are protesting alone?  Use your own minds and do your own research.  Look at news sites from other countries to confirm that indeed, there were large amounts of people protesting Mr. Trump in solidarity with the U.S.  Here is just an example of what you can find.


Were women in every country protesting?  Obviously not, many due to the fact that they are so repressed they are not allowed to even consider doing such a thing.  THEY are why we march just as much as any of ourselves.  We cannot be an example to other countries on human rights, if we ourselves have a leader who degrades women, treating them like property and has deplorable views on anyone else who is not a white male.

If we do not stand up for ourselves, how can we possibly stand up for others around the globe?  If we do not stand up for what is right and speak out against what is wrong, how can we call ourselves a global leader?  What kind of legacy do we want to leave this world, a legacy of used and abused women or a legacy of respect, equality, strength and compassion?

These marches were not women screaming profanities about “men”.  These marches were about women standing up to a specific group of men (and women) – Trump, his cabinet and staff members, saying “We will NOT be silent and we will NOT sit idly by while you turn our country into a mockery for human rights.”

To the person who posted that original post – I would wish I could ask her when the last time she did ANYTHING to help those women she speaks of?  It’s very convenient to throw them out as an example of why we should not protest – but never lift a finger to make their world a better place.  There’s a term for that – “Armchair quarterback.”

I will leave you with two quotes – take a moment to think about what Mr. Trump and his cabinet are attempting to do by using their “alternative facts” ploy.. they are attempting to downplay and silence anyone who disagrees with him.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ John F. Kennedy

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” ~ Abraham Lincoln



2 thoughts on “Sorry, You Can’t Protest!

  1. I’ve actually stepped away from Facebook. I only log in if someone I am close to me mentions me on a post. My friends and family are split down the middle. My mind can’t handle it.

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