You’re Pro Life? Really? I don’t think so.

I’ve recently seen a surge in posts on social media (due to the ongoing Presidential campaign) regarding how Hillary supports abortion (not true) and that Trump does not.  People sharing their stories of a child they lost, etc. playing upon the heart-strings of readers. I don’t think there is a single person, Democrat or Republican, that isn’t moved to tears when a child is suffering, let alone dies.

To those of you who are “conservative Christians” that have been sharing and re-sharing these posts, I ask you to consider my words.

You are not pro-life. You are anti-abortion.  That is your right.  It is not your right to force your beliefs on others, that is what Freedom of Religion is about (it can also be Freedom FROM Religion should an individual choose that path).

You scream, you rant, you cry and lament over the lives of the unborn children that you must protect.  I am not here to argue with you over right or wrong (the morality of aborting a baby).  I have my own strong opinions that are not only founded in my deep love for children but also as a mother and a woman.

What I am here to propose is this question.  Why are the lives of the unborn any more sacred than the lives of the starving, the poor, the homeless or those dying from uncontrolled gun violence?  On any given night in the United States, we have almost a half million people sleeping on the streets.  It’s estimated that throughout a year, over a million and a half LGBTQ youth experience homelessness.  In 2014, 14.5% of the population in the United States lived below the poverty line.  To date in 2016, 46,861 humans have lost their lives in the United States from gun violence.

Are you down at the local homeless shelter, volunteering or pledging money to non-for profit agencies that work with and support homeless people?  Do you know that the reason over 1 million LGBTQ youth are homeless throughout a year?  Because their families have kicked them out because they do not agree with their “lifestyle”.  Are you supporting and loving to LGBTQ people you know?  Are you donating food to your local food pantry?  Are you supporting stricter gun control laws?

I can’t answer those questions for you but unless you can say yes to the majority of those, you are not pro-life.  You are simply anti-abortion.

Here are the things I know.

As a woman, no one has the right to tell me what to do with my body or anything inside my body.  Whether or not I agree with abortion isn’t the issue, the issue is I am a free adult and *I* get to choose what I do or do not do.

As a mother, one who has miscarried a baby also,  I can tell you that I can imagine the life-long consequences that a decision to abort brings.  I can’t imagine ever not wondering “what might have been” or grieving the loss of my child regardless of how many weeks along I was or wasn’t.  To live with the knowledge that you chose to abort a child (regardless of the reason) has to tear you apart on some level.  It is still not my right to tell someone else what to do.  That is on them and if you believe in God, then only he has the right to judge them.  It.  Is. Not. Your. Place.

As a member of the LGBTQ community I have experienced anywhere from outright hatred and discrimination to a family who “loves” me, but does not support nor truly accept who I am.  When who I sleep with or who I’m married to affects you so deeply that you simply cannot accept me as is with no desire to change me, then you are not pro-life.

You see, being pro-life means that you love life, all life.  All life, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, sexual identity, gender, etc.

Do not post your “heart wrenching” stories of how you lost a child and that’s why you’re anti-abortion.  That’s your personal belief and I know that particular experience can deeply affect you.  Losing a child does NOT give you the right to tell another person how to deal with theirs.

Don’t tell me you’re pro-life when you do not love unconditionally, without desire to change your LGBTQ friend, family, neighbor or co-worker.

We live in a free country and freedom means FREEDOM from being told what religion we must follow, what language we must speak, how we dress, how we wear our hair, who we can marry, if we drink….

And for the record, Hillary is not pro-abortion, she supports a woman’s right to choose.  That’s called FREEDOM.


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