Meet Cori

Cori Garrison was born in northern Florida, raised in northern Indiana but has called St. Louis her home for the past 19 years. She lives with her wife and their 3 sons, ages 15, 13 & 7 and their 2 dogs & 3 cats. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in business and holds two Master’s Degree equivalent certifications in Employee Benefits and Human Resources. She majored in American History for the first two years of college and loves all things historical! She spent 14 years of her career working in Human Resources in the aviation industry before transitioning to IT. She currently is working back in Human Resources as a HRIS (HR Information Systems) Analyst. Cori and her family enjoy exploring, travelling and spending time with friends.

Writing lesbian romance part-time was a hobby for years before deciding to self-publish her work. Her focus now is to write stories that share some of the struggles that LGBT people face in life and with their families and how those cause feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame, etc. She wants to produce a story that actually speaks to readers and is not totally focused on sex. Of course, she always includes the steamy, romantic and quite frequently erotic, scenes! She currently is a one-woman show; writing, proof reading, editing, doing cover art, marketing, running social media sites and publishing her own work.

Check out a review by The Vital Voice (St. Louis & Kansas City)

3 thoughts on “Meet Cori

  1. Thanks for the follow of my blog. It’s nice to ‘meet’ a fellow Hoosier. . . although don’t call me one, I went to Purdue. Cheers.


    1. When I moved here they call hicks or hillbillies “Hoosiers”. I was so confused lol. I haven’t lived in Indiana for 15 years but I did grow up there (Northern). I see you’re a history nerd… I was a history major my first 2 years of college before I switched to Business.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be confusing but surprisingly accurate. 😉
        Moving to Business major was probably a smart move!


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